Getting A Head Start: Tips For Before You Start That New Job

getting started in your new jobI spend most of my time helping people with investments, but you can't get around the fact that your job is likely the most important part of your financial plan. There are simple things you can do at the very start of a new job that can impact your pay, benefits and working conditions for the rest of your time with your new employer. In fact some studies show that starting off with less pay in that first job could mean less earnings long after you've moved on. If you are on the job market, have an offer on the table or about to start a search, this short series of posts will give you the key points for getting the most, in salary and benefits, out of your new job. Follow along and send in your questions!

1. The Five Biggest Do's and Don'ts of Negotiating

2. Making the Most of Your Retirement Plan

3. Making the Most of Your Health Insurance Plan

4. Protecting Yourself from Employment Risks

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